Joyería denise nader


Our parts have a 6-month factory warranty based on good use. Therefore the piece must be treated with care.

Joyería denise nader

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Since 2016 taking our jewelry pieces to complement the homes of Colombia and the world.

Joyería denise nader


We connect with our collections, to look and feel spectacular with each of our jewels.

Colombian contemporary jewelry

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Denise Nader is a Colombian designer, who works the ancient technique of filigree, including precious and semi-precious stones.

His unique and unrivaled designs have different inspirations and take about 1 week to be crafted in his workshop. It uses bronze threads, all made by hand to later give it a 24 karat gold bath. His name has reached many corners of the world, thanks to his work, quality and dedication. Love what it does.

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